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The weatherbeaten eagle April 11, 2014

Posted by Jenny in Life experience, nature.
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A good section of river for an eagle.

A good section of river for a bald eagle.

From my house overlooking the Tuckasegee River, I occasionally see a bald eagle gliding over the water, upstream or downstream. I think of it as being the same eagle from one time to the next, though it would be hard to say for sure. When I see it, I always feel that I’ve received a gift.

This morning the eagle flew up the river, circled around, and settled on a half-dead tree on the riverbank. I grabbed my binoculars and got a good look. It was an old eagle! A weatherbeaten eagle! Its feathers looked… scuffed up! This eagle had fought a few battles in its life.

I have no photo of it to share. That would require a much better lens than I have.

A younger, spiffier looking eagle. (Wikimedia photo)

A younger, spiffier looking eagle. (Wikimedia photo)

It sat in the tree for a long time. Perhaps it was tired. Perhaps it was reflecting on the deeper meaning of life. Somehow, along the way, in my mind, it became my eagle.

I know… kind of silly. What makes us want to possess something in nature? Of course wild things can’t ever be truly possessed. Nevertheless: my eagle. I connected with it. I related to it. I wanted to pat it on the head, say comforting words.

Later in the day I walked down to the river.

"X" marks the spot where the eagle perched.

“X” marks the spot where the eagle perched.

Bluets grow under the eagle tree.

Bluets grow under the eagle tree.

New leaves.

New leaves.

An experience hard to describe. A strange blend of feelings, leaning dangerously close to the pathetic, but with something restorative and affirming as well.

I will look for the eagle’s return.

Bald eagle with fish. (Wikimedia photo)

Bald eagle with fish. (Wikimedia photo)



1. Kent Hackendy - April 12, 2014

A “gift” indeed. I’ve seen three bald eagles over the past dozen years or so. And each time marked a particularly momentous outing. I can’t explain that.

Hope your weekend is going well. : )

Jenny - April 14, 2014

Thanks! You’ll see from yesterday’s post that things didn’t quite go as planned, but it was still a good outing.

2. Steve K. - April 13, 2014


I saw him (or her) today in front of my house. He stopped in a tall dead tree across the river…and the headed downriver after a short break. I got a good look through the binoculars….beautiful raptor.

There is also a pair of osprey that have been fishing in the shallow shoals down this way.

Jenny - April 14, 2014

I’ll have to look out for the ospreys. There are so many interesting birds along the river. It’s always a joy to see a heron there, too, and I like the Canada geese even though they’re very common.

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