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America as it was viewed in Russia c. 1905 November 28, 2008

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"Pond at Sunset" by Feodor Vasilyev

"Pond at Sunset" by Feodor Vasilyev

And now for a brief change of season.

From Speak, Memory by Vladimir Nabokov:

Summer soomerki—the lovely Russian word for dusk.  Time: a dim point in the first decade of this unpopular century.  Place:  latitude 59 degrees north from your equator, longitude 100 degrees from my writing hand.  The day would take hours to fade, and everything—sky, tall flowers, still water—would be kept in a state of infinite vesperal suspense, deepened rather than resolved by the doleful moo of a cow in a distant meadow or by the still more moving cry that came from some bird beyond the lower course of the river, where the vast expanse of a misty-blue sphagnum bog, because of its mystery and remoteness, the Rukavishnikov children had baptized America.


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