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Flume bushwhack December 26, 2008

Posted by Jenny in bushwhacking, hiking, nature, White Mountains.
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Bob reaches the top of Flume

Bob poses at the top of Flume

July 19, 1998.  Bob and I decided that we would climb Mt. Flume via the very visible slide.  There is a Flume Slide Trail that is guilty of false advertising, because it actually flinches away from the slide and skirts around the right edge of it.   (Still involves some slightly difficult scrambling.)

So what we did was take that trail to the 2800 foot elevation point and then jaunted off through the woods toward the giant talus slide.  Up to about 3400 feet, we moved easily through open mossy woods.  Then we started running into smooth, steep ledges alternating with bristly scrub evergreens.  (Diametrically opposed textures:  babyface smooth rock and picky spruce needles that stabbed your eyes or went up your nostrils.)  Our pace slowed down dramatically.  Finally we got right out into the middle of the talus slope just below 4000 feet.  It was very rubbly and unstable.  It was a situation of  trying to find “the angle of repose.”  We went straight up and just below the summit did a nifty section of Class 3 scrambling.

There was one other person on the summit.  We did not try to explain to this person what we had just done, and he did not seem to notice that we had come up directly from below instead of across on the trail. We hadn’t taken any pictures on the way up, but after we got up there, Bob downclimbed a short bit so that he could do a “conquering the summit” type photo.  He looks suitably grim and determined, I think.

We then trudged our way over to the summit of Liberty.  It was a hot, sweaty, buggy experience.  I went through 2 quarts of water and Bob went through 3.  We took the chance of refilling our water bottles at Liberty Springs, though we didn’t have iodine or a water filter.  Nothing terrible happened to us, so the water must have been all right.  We got back down to the car uneventfully.



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