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Middle Crag gully May 27, 2012

Posted by Jenny in bushwhacking, hiking, Smoky Mountains.

I want this one to remain enshrouded in thick Smokies fog. We descended a gully that drops a thousand feet in a quarter of a mile. I slid down a good part of it on the seat of my pants (I worried that embarrassing rips in the fabric might occur, but they didn’t). We dropped down fast, and the front member of our party would call out, “Watch out! Twenty foot drop!” We clung to the branches of aromatic Rhododendron minus, and we were surrounded by the pale purple blossoms of Rhododendron cawtabiense. We plunged into deep cushions of moss saturated with water—I sent up a big splash as I landed in these deep green pockets, which caused my companions much mirth. It was the “Ogle Water Park” hike. These experiences are nearly beyond description—but I try.



1. Dusty L. Allison - May 30, 2012

Wow! I was looking at Chris’ Picasa gallery and loving the pics! I am looking very forward to leaving Lester soon and ascending the slide to explore the real Bunion and this general area! Would love to get back out with you again soon!

Jenny - May 31, 2012

I’m sure we’ll be doing more exploring in that area—it would be great to have you along.

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