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My sister’s art show October 14, 2012

Posted by Jenny in art.
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The green figure of the woman is enigmatic and fascinating to me.

This weekend I attended the opening of my sister’s art show in Northampton, Mass. Her name is Elizabeth Bennett. You can see her work at the Anchor House of Artists, 518 Pleasant St., from now through the end of the month.

Betsy attended art school back in her late teens but opted to give up her painting for many years, only producing a few collages along the way. This year, she has picked up her paintbrush again, and I feel that the results are remarkable. She has a lot of versatility. Her subjects range from inventive, dreamlike scenes such as the above to beautifully rendered domestic images such as the bedroom below.

Bedroom scene.

She has done quite a few street scenes in Northampton. This yellow house is striking.

The range of colors here is really interesting.

Her use of color makes subjects like the row of buildings in this scene a pleasure to look at.

The composition and colors are unusual.

She can take subjects no one else would think of painting.

This is a parking lot at McDonalds. I love it, especially the arrow, which has kind of an iconic appearance.

This is the base of a railroad trestle. It’s dramatic.

She has done a couple of scenes along the Connecticut River in a totally different vein. Her use of materials is inventive, and these use a laundry marker in addition to the acrylic paint.

River scene.

Tree stump near the river.

Her show includes a couple of her collages.

Mysterious objects swim to the surface.

Something complicated is going on here.

Most of her pictures are for sale for very modest prices. Any inquiries can be sent to me at the email address in the column to the right, and I will forward them to her.  You can also contact the gallery at artists@anchorhouseartists.org. If you are in the vicinity of Northampton, I hope you will stop by the Anchor House.

This painting was done back in Betsy’s art school era. It is based on a postcard of the Perce Rock on the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec.



1. Thomas Stazyk - October 14, 2012

Great stuff! Definitely a talented family.

Jenny - October 14, 2012

Thank you!

2. Gary - October 16, 2012

Glad to see Betsy is painting again .. and getting them out for others to see. I’ve always admired her work.

Jenny - October 16, 2012

Thanks for your comment.

3. kaslkaos - October 18, 2012

Beautiful artwork, and you surely must be proud of her. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny - October 18, 2012

I’m glad you stopped by. As a fellow artist, you are in a good position to appreciate Betsy’s efforts.

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