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Now up and running: A blog devoted to history February 22, 2014

Posted by Jenny in history.
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Finnish Red Guard soldier

Finnish Red Guard soldier.

I’m happy to announce that I have launched my new blog dedicated to topics in history. Called 1870 to 1918, it zeroes in on a period when major world empires swelled to enormous extent only to face cataclysmic changes in World War I.

I chose the Franco-Prussian War and WWI as bookends for the blog, but it will deal with social and cultural topics as well as military history.

Followers of Endless Streams and Forests know I’m a bit obsessed with the Boer War, which sits midway through the period. It was while doing my series on the Boers and the British in the Siege of Mafeking that it dawned on me that since I truly enjoy delving into historical subjects, I could take that idea and run with it in a separate blog. Endless Streams will continue to alternate between hiking topics and other subjects—maybe even some with a historical slant—but the deeper historical pieces will be reserved for 1870 to 1918.

I start out with two posts that fall near the beginning and end of my chosen time period. One is about the strange and savage Finnish Civil War of 1918 and the other concerns an oddball event during the Paris Commune of 1871. The Finnish war was closely tied in with events of WWI, and the Paris Commune followed from the Franco-Prussian conflict.

I hope you’ll enjoy these topics.

Caricature of Gustave Courbet toppling a "Rambuteau column" (urinal)

Caricature of Gustave Courbet toppling a “Rambuteau column” (a Paris urinal).


1. Pat H - February 22, 2014

Outstanding! I’ll be looking forward to it!

Jenny - February 23, 2014

Thanks for your interest, Pat!

P.S. Thanks for linking to this post from your blog. For those of you who haven’t visited Pat’s blog, he explores a range of topics from Wyoming history to cultural history to analysis of institutional trends (including institutions of law and justice) to opinions on Wyoming issues… and much more… all great stuff.

2. Pat H - February 22, 2014

And funny you’d mention the Finnish Civil War. I was just staring on a post on the oddities of World War One, and Finland’s resulting independence is one of the topics on it.

Jenny - February 23, 2014

The more I read about what happened in Finland during WWI the more fascinated I am by it.

3. Al - February 23, 2014

Interesting, I have some history in the 82nd Airborne from my days at Fort Bragg in the form of my year book
and a book on the 82nd done by Turner Publications. Not as far back as you may be going but before the days of military parachuting. Sgt. York, from TN, was in the 82 Division in WW1.

Jenny - February 23, 2014

That sounds interesting, Al. At some point I’d like to look into that.

4. DP - February 23, 2014

I am looking forward to the reads. You are such a great writer.

Jenny - February 23, 2014

Thanks very much, DP.

5. Yesterday Unhinged - February 23, 2014

I’m excited to hear it. Oh, and it’s timed perfectly with the release of your entry in the Fab Five Series. That’s coming out this Thursday (Oz time). E-mail me a link to the new blog so I can include it in your introduction!
I love the Paris Commune, can’t wait.

Jenny - February 23, 2014

I’ll definitely send you the link—I’m shooting for the end of the day Tuesday US East Coast time. Thanks for your support!

Yesterday Unhinged - February 23, 2014

Can’t wait! Or would you prefer to rewrite your intro? I’m happy to slide the new one in there, but if you’d like to highlight the new blog, that’s up to you!

6. Clyde Austin - February 23, 2014

I can’t wait, I love history.
Great hike today. Revenue road did not have any major blowdowns from the 2012 storm. Old Bunker Hill fire tower road is eaten up with pine beetle blowdowns.

Jenny - February 23, 2014

That part of the Park does have a lot of pines. Too bad.

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