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My new book is out May 31, 2014

Posted by Jenny in fiction, hiking, Smoky Mountains.
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I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new novel, The Twelve Streams of LeConte. It is available in both paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.com.  It will also be available in local independent book stores over the next weeks.

Serious off-trail hikers will find in this book details of exploration on a major peak in the Smoky Mountains, Mt. LeConte.

Fans of adventure novels of the early 1900s will find a narrative interwoven with themes of a famous novel from the WWI era, John Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps.

Lovers of contemporary fiction will find a good story. Here is a brief synopsis:

Anne Woodrow is on honeymoon in Scotland when fate gives her a slap in the face: right then and there, her new husband falls in love with another woman. Injured and grieving, she returns home alone and conceives of a project of renewal. She will climb Mt. LeConte in the Smokies by way of the twelve streams that drain its slopes—a strenuous, dangerous activity.

She makes her way up the streams without benefit of a trail, scrambling beside shining cascades. Her companions on the stream journeys are a trio of crass and funny hiking pals. A relationship develops with a man—but it doesn’t turn out the way she expects.

The stream journeys are interwoven in an unconventional way with her experience of reading The Thirty-Nine Steps, published 1915. Its peculiar and shadowy scenes resonate with the events of her life.

The Twelve Streams of LeConte brings together mirroring worlds of adventure tales and mountains. It speaks the language of people who engage the landscape rather than admire it from a distance, and it unapologetically explores the life of a serious reader.



1. Al - May 31, 2014

Will it be available at City Lights or at Gill’s in Bryson City ?

Jenny - May 31, 2014

It will be available at City Lights, but not for a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know when they have it in. (For those of you living out of the area, City Lights is the great little bookstore in Sylva, NC. The book has scenes in Sylva, and City Lights is great about supporting local authors.)

2. Kent Hackendy - May 31, 2014

Got it. I’ll dive into it later tonight on the patio while enjoying a nice dark lager. : )

Jenny - May 31, 2014

Thank you!

3. T E Stazyk - May 31, 2014

Congratulations! I wish you much success with it.

Jenny - June 1, 2014

Thanks, fellow author!

4. Jim Cornelius - June 2, 2014

Sounds delightful. NOOK?

Jenny - June 3, 2014

Jim, I am in a program that lasts 90 days to see whether certain optional features of the Kindle sales structure will give my book a boost. During that time the book cannot be made available to other e-publishers. At the end of the period I will decide whether or not to stay exclusive to Kindle. If I get enough people asking for Nook, iBookstore, or Kobo, I’ll ditch the special Kindle program.

5. Tom - June 7, 2014

I bought my copy and look forward to diving in. I plan to review it on Amazon after I have read it.


Jenny - June 7, 2014

Thank you, Tom!

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