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Jenny’s last hike up Lester Prong September 15, 2015

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Posted by Peter Bennett, Jenny’s brother.

On Monday September 14 2015 Jenny Bennett made her last hike up Lester Prong.  This hike was led by Ed Fleming and Clayton Carver. A group of six hardy hikers made their way up Porter’s Creek to Lester Prong and bushwacked their way up to an elevation of 4400 feet. This was the spot picked by Jenny to spread Charlie Klabunde’s cremains, but she was unable to complete that hike last spring. Ed knew the spot and lead us to it. This time it was to spread Jenny’s cremains.

We were joined by Cindy McJunkin and her husband Scott for the hike up to the split with Porter’s creek and Lester Prong

IMG_2815 IMG_2814Clayton at the split

IMG_2816We followed Lester Prong up. The first part was not too difficult.

IMG_2821Further up Lester Prong the creek was rocky and full of brush.

IMG_2831Tree trunks and roots blocked the way.

IMG_2830Climbing over the obstacles.

IMG_2823Ed found the spot where he had placed a newsletter from the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club in a water bottle. The newsletter was dated August 1984 and it describes a hike led by Charlie Klabunde up Lester Prong to the Jumpoff.  It was Jenny’s first hike in this area.

IMG_2825The group at the spot.

IMG_2826We spread Jenny’s cremains at the same place where Charlie’s were. We said our goodbyes to Jenny.

IMG_2828Clayton coming down the slippery rocks and crawling under tree trunks.

IMG_2837We stopped on the way out to check out a giant poplar tree that was hollow inside. It was so big Jim could fit inside.

We will always remember Jenny. She has been an inspiration to many people.

I am planning another hike in the White Mountains to spread more of Jenny’s cremains.


1. TT Thomas - September 15, 2015

Thanks so much for this, Peter–was JUST yesterday talking about your sister. I found her blog when I was researching the Second Boer War–she had some discussions on that topic. I’m not a hiker, but something about Jenny’s love of nature compelled me to follow the blog. I always wondered how your other sister is faring–Jenny spoke about moving closer to her…

2. Andrew Sisson - September 15, 2015

Thank you Peter and Ed Flemming for including me in this off trail hike. I enjoyed the hike and was honored to help spread some of her ashes in place which Jenny loved. Please stay in touch. My email address is: asisson655@gmail.com.
Andrew Sisson (AJ)

3. Dana Bee - September 19, 2015

Thanks for being so forthcoming the entire way with myself and everyone. Peter, you are cut from the same beautiful clothe as your sister whom I loved and will miss. It was great to meet you. All my best, Dana Bee Koogler

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